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Κυριακή 31 Ιανουαρίου 2021

The eastern roman baths of Kissamos

Among the public buildings, uncovered at various places in the town of Kissamos, are 3 or 4 bath complexes (thermae). So far the eastern baths have been partly excavated.

In Hellenistic times ancient Kissamos was a small town and the harbour of Polyrrhenia. In Roman times the town grew and became more powerful. The new city, whose development began in the 1st century A.D. expanded gradually to the size of the modern town.

The main entrance of the eastern baths probably was in the east, a hall with big granite columns, fallen in the place. They have been revealed the three main halls:

The hot bath (caldarium) in the west, according to Vitruvius architectural orders.

The tepid bath (tepidarium) in the middle.

The cold bath (frigidarium) in the east side.

All halls have marble floors and the walls were covered by marble slabs at a certain height. The rest of the wall was vaulted with opening of arc direction E-W.

The vaults were collapsed from the scary earthquake of the 365 A.D. The hot and tepid baths had hypocaust system of heating.

The cold bath is the bigger and more beautiful hall, with basins with marble floors in the north and south side.

It was decorated with sculptures, of which they were rescued two marble statues of young satyr and Pan, crashed under the ruins (exhibited in the museum of Kissamos).

(Information from Ministry of Culture, 25th Ephorate of antiquites, Chania 2008)