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Πέμπτη, 28 Ιουνίου 2018

Hainospilios: Αn impressive cave near the Kamaraki village

The Cave Hainospilios is located 200 meters away from the village Kamaraki in Heraklion 

It is also called Marmarospilios, while many locals call it "Labyrinth". 

It is a long narrow cave with galleries that are part of an old underground river bed. The cave is still active in most parts and that is why it is muddy.

 Its length is 200 meters and there is a parallel gallery with a length of 120 meters, which is richly decorated. 

The cave is developed in limestone of the Miocene (12 million years ago). The impressive decor inside causes awe to the visitor.

Massive stalagmite columns with more than 6 meteres height, but also many small and large stalagmites, adorn the cave. The roof of the cave has strong marks from the corrosive effects of the ancient river water.

The entrance to the cave is locked and if someone wants to visit it one has to ask for the keys from the nearby taverna.

(Information from the page "Χαινόσπηλιος/Hainospilios Cave"