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Σάββατο, 26 Σεπτεμβρίου 2020

A trip to Koufonisi with the stunning beaches and the rich history (photos & video)


Koufonisi, which is known as Lefki (the white one) in antiquity, is an uninhabited islet, located 3 nautical miles south of cape Goudouras, on the coast of Lasithi, eastern Crete, in the South Cretan Sea.

The island is 6 kilometres long and 5.5 kilometres across and it forms a close group of islands with Makroulo, Marmaro, Strongylo, and Trachilos ( there is an impressive sea-cave here ).

In Koufonisi a visitor can find not one or two but 36 beautiful beaches, with white sand and emerald waters. We recommend kamareles, Hiliaderfia, Asprougas, Prosfora and Greo’s bays.

The islet of Koufonisi is filled with ruins, remnants of past human activity dated from the Minoan civilization and the post-Byzantine era, when some of the caves were used as chapels during Christian persecution by the Ottomans.

Due to the wealth of archaeology the island has been described from jounalists and  archaeologists  as “a little Dilos” or “Dilos of South Cretan Sea”.

In ancient times Lefki was important for sponge fishing and for the production of a purple dye made from the gastropod Murex trunculus.

The purple dye was a valuable commodity in ancient Greece and Rome and was worth its weight in solid silver.

There are visible Roman ruins on the island including a theatre that could seat 1.000 people, a villa with eight rooms, and a number of houses, probably the homes of fishermen.

There are also remnants of the statue of a deity at the temple, which was located near the destroyed lighthouse. The   lighthouse was bombed by the Germans during the Second World War.

 During the summer, the island, due to its history and natural beauty, is visited by tour boats from the ports of Makrigialos and Goudouras. Tourists can swim and enjoy the crystal clear waters of the island and admire the remains of the wealthy past of Koufonisi.They can also feel the tranquility of nature and the beauty of the wild landscape, changing from steep rocky shorelines to caves with white and yellow rocks and unearthly dunes.

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Drone Photos  taken by Antonis Panteris