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Σάββατο, 16 Ιουνίου 2018

Koliakoude Gorge in Chania : A sculpture of the nature

The gorge of Koliakoude is located in the region of Apokoronas in Chania, among villages of  Maheri , Nio Chorio and Paidochori .

 It is a well hidden gorge in the woods, so beautiful in its wildness.

Even though the walk is not that long ( 2-3  hours of walking time from its beginning to the end) it is a little more difficult than some of the better known gorges and it is not recommended for people without any walking experience: six passages had to be negotiated with a rope and a good deal of sure-footedness and a good head for heights.

The beginning of the walk is between trees and that is followed by high cliffs, so you will get plenty of shade .

Koliakoude Gorge is harder to walk down in winter or fall, after heavy rainfall, as it will be full of the water of the Geraniotis river, but in the summer it is dry and safe.

Koliakoude gorge is a sculpture of the nature, at some points looking like the surface of the moon and at some others like jungle.

It is certain that you will enjoy hiking there.